3rd year of: CLB BONDING DAYS

CLB Bonding Days are a unique education, training and experience sharing opportunity for everybody involved in bonding. This two-day event offers many professional contributions about the latest connection technology in the transport and rail sectors and other industries.

You will meet the graduates of our EWF courses and take part in professional trainings in our great premises of Centrum Lepení Brno. These trainings are the best extension of your EWC courses.

We recommend the owners of the EAE, EAS and EAB certificates and those seeking bonding qualification to participate. CLB Bonding Days are also ideal for purchasing managers, engineers, producers of adhesives, construction engineers and the public.

Input document:

Certificate of participation


SVV Praha s.r.o., Adhesive Bonding Centre in Brno, Technická 936, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic

Agenda of the 3rd year of BONDING DAYS 

Use of laser shearography for quality inspection of bonds

3D in industrial applications

How to approach HSE in workplaces where bonding is performed?

PEEK finishes and adhesive bonding

How to bond wood with metals and plastics

Non-destructive check of bonds using UT/BT

and much more …

Agenda of the 2nd year of BONDING DAYS 

Checking finishes before bonding aluminium sandwich structures

PlasmaPlus – a coating for better bond adhesion

Wood bonding technology

How to classify and prepare bond samples for microscopic evaluation

Why is my bond failing?

Bonding technology automation

Bonding glass facades and railings

Mechanical connections and adhesive bonding

Bonding – requirements of ČD, a.s. (Czech Railways)

Bonding and composites in railway modelling

Agenda of the 1st year of BONDING DAYS

Degradation and service life of plastics in connection with bonding

Composite materials

Bonds – essential elements of railway vehicles

Creeping behaviour of materials

Process mistakes of bonding staff

Bonding in transport systems

Structural bonds with high impact resistance – Powerflex/SmartCore

Contact, solvent-based adhesives in transport vehicles

Selected portfolio of 3M adhesives and tapes for composite materials

Use of plasma for making finishes

Practical demonstrations of adhesives, sharing of information and experience with producers of adhesives, etc.

Contact person:

Mrs. Hana Kysilková

Phone: +420 776 719 286

Email: kysilkova@svv.cz