Destructive and non-destructive testing in the area of adhesive bonding

The seminar is intended for those responsible for supervising the manufacturing process, such as designers, developers, quality managers, production planners and application engineers. It is also suitable for bonding manufacturing and laboratory workers.

Seminar content:

Basic methods of mechanical testing (tensile test, peeling test, pressure test, fracturing test and more)

Basic non-destructive testing methods (tap test, ultrasound, spherography, DSC, TGA and others)

Writing of documentation, test procedures and test setup

Assessment and evaluation of test results, test reports

Practical part of the seminar:

Practical exercises – destructive tests according to EN 1465 on the tearing machine, protocol writing

Practical exercises – measurement of surface energy on different substrates, protocol writing

Tap test – identification of defects in reference samples, protocol writing

Contact person:

Mrs. Hana Kysilková

Phone: +420 776 719 286