Refresh EAS

The course is focused especially on Adhesive Bonding Specialists, who are required to update their knowledge every two years in the EAS retraining course.


The participants must have a good knowledge of the course language to follow the lessons.

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Course location:

SVV Praha, s.r.o., Adhesive Bonding Centre, Technická 936, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic

Course duration:

The course takes 2 days



For price offer contact please Mrs. Radka Spiegelová:

The price includes:

Studying materials and documents


Certificate of participation

Content of the course:

The basics of adhesive bonding and polymers

Advantages and disadvantages of bonding

Adhesive bonding and classification, types of adhesives

The basic bonding documentation, standards DIN 6701, DIN 2304-1

Materials to be joined

Surface treatment

Quality control in adhesive bonding

Process technology etc.

Contact person and application form:

Contact person:

Mrs. Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895