SVV Praha, s.r.o. Centrum Lepení Brno (CLB) in Moravany u Brna offers the following tests and trials of bonded joints and substrates for proof of conformity with DIN 6701.

Destructive testing methods:

  • EN 1465 Adhesives – Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of bonded assemblies
  • EN 1464 Adhesives – Determination of peel resistance of adhesive bonds – Floating roller method
  • ISO 21194  resp. DVS1618 Structural adhesives – Testing of adhesively bonded joints – Bead peel test
  • DIN 53295 Testing of sandwiches; Peel test by means of a drum
  • EN ISO 13445 Adhesives – Determination of shear strength of adhesive bonds between rigid substrates by the block-shear method
  • DIN 54455 Testing of adhesives for metals and of bonded metal joints – Torsional shear test
  • DIN 53293 Testing of sandwiches; Bending test bending test in 3 or 4 points
  • EN ISO 11339 Adhesives – T-peel test for flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies
  • EN 28510-1 Adhesives – Peel test for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly – Part 1: 90° peel
  • ISO 10354 Adhesives-characterization of durability of structural-adhesive-bonded assemblies; wedge rupture test
  • EN 15336 Adhesives – Determination of the time to rupture of bonded joints under static load
  • Static tensile tests of polymeric and non-polymeric substrates
  • Tests evaluation according to ISO 10365 Adhesives; designation of the main failure patterns

Other testing methods:

  • Contact angle measurement and free surface energy determination – appliance  See System ADVEX INSTRUMENTS
  • Thickness measurement of polymeric and non-polymeric coatings – appliance  probes PosiTector
  • Hardness measurement of polymeric and metallic materials

Ageing tests:

According to e.g. EN ISO 9142 Adhesives – Guide to the selection of standard laboratory ageing conditions for testing bonded joints including the so-called „cataplasma“

Substrate surface preparation:

  • Preparation of surfaces before gluing by plasma with additional gases N2, Ar, O2, Plasma Slit 004 device
  • Preparation of surfaces before gluing using oxygen plasma Plasma Tigres ABC O2 device
  • Ultrasonic washing of the substrate surface

Other offered services:

  • Validation, verification testing, determining the suitability of machines and the gluing process, tests in series production
  • Custom test cycle design
  • Design of technology for the production of glued joints, including construction, validation and quality monitoring
  • Design and production of product prototypes by 3D printing

We will prepare an individual price offer of services for you.


With any questions about testing of bonded joints please get in touch with your contact person

Mr. Jakub Franke, EAS

E-mail: jfranke@svv.cz
Tel.: +420 601 374 297