SVV Praha, s.r.o. Adhesive Bonding Centre offers specialized seminars aimed at theoretical and practial knowledge in the field of adhesive bonding.

Hybrid joints – combined joints

Hybrid connections means that two material connection methods are combined, most often a method of mechanical connection such as riveting, skirting, screwing and welding combined with adhesive bonding. Hybrid joints...

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How to prepare the surface for bonding

One of the essential prerequisites for ensuring high quality of bonded joints is the corresponding condition of the surfaces to be bonded and their proper pre-treatment. The aim of the...

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Adhesive bonding of plastics

The seminar is intended for contractors who work with plastics and plastic components in local applications or on industrial scale. It is ideal for those who are responsible for supervising...

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Adhesive bonding of wood

The seminar is intended for contractors, self-employed contractors, construction workers and the public. We recommend this training for the owners of the EAB, EAS and EAE certificates who can now...

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Introduction to polymer composites

People say about composites that they are materials with a great future. Today’s machine engineering seeks to build structures with a low weight by not compromising the mechanical properties. What...

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DIN 6701 – adhesive bonding of railway vehicles and DIN 2304-1

The refresh seminar will be organized for the Adhesive Bonding Coordinators of the companies producing railway vehicles and their parts, for the companies who are preparing for the certification or...

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