Adhesive bonding of wood

The seminar is intended for contractors, self-employed contractors, construction workers and the public. We recommend this training for the owners of the EAB, EAS and EAE certificates who can now deepen their knowledge of wood bonding, because there is not enough time for this topic in the courses.

In the seminar the participants turn their attention to different properties of wood and learn how to choose the right adhesive. They will gain useful information on specific issues when bonding this material. Practical demonstrations are part of the seminar.

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Seminar content:

Wood composition and structure

Wood properties and their impact on adhesive bonding

Choosing adhesives for bonding wood

Specific and practical issues of wood bonding

Bond life

How to bond wood with other materials (e.g. glass, plastics and metals)

Bonding wood indoors and outdoors

Wood bonding technology for producers of street furniture, manufacturers of windows and doors, in the civil industry, etc.

Practical demonstrations of bonds

Contact person:

Radka Spiegelov√°

Phone: +420 602 595 895