Staff Qualification

SVV Praha, s.r.o. Approved Training Body organises educational programs for adhesive bonding personnel, is accredited for the education of adhesive bonding personnel in accordance with the EWF guidelines.

  • European Adhesive Bonder EAB
  • European Adhesive Specialist EAS
  • European Adhesive Engineer EAE

We offer Refresh EAS and Refresh EAB for adhesive bonding personnel.

European Adhesive Bonder (EAB)

Adhesive bonding technologies and processes are an integral part of manufacturing best practices. Being an innovative method of connecting different materials, adhesive bonding is explained on the theoretical as well...

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European Adhesive Engineer (EAE)

Over the recent years, the manufacturing industries have been facing new challenges and we have to handle these challenges also in the field of material bonding. Adhesive bonding as the...

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European Adhesive Specialist (EAS)

The development of production technologies and materials enables the use of a wide range of innovative techniques and bonding systems. For this purpose it is necessary to attain a basic...

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The course covers compulsory additional training for those with EAB qualification. The training is compulsory, because businesses certified according to DIN 6701 are obliged to prove the qualification of their...

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Refresh EAS

The course is focused especially on Adhesive Bonding Specialists, who are required to update their knowledge every two years in the EAS retraining course.

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