European Adhesive Bonder (EAB)

Adhesive bonding technologies and processes are an integral part of manufacturing best practices. Being an innovative method of connecting different materials, adhesive bonding is explained on the theoretical as well as practical level.

Education objective:

Emphasis is placed primarily on the acquisition of skills needed for independently performing practical tasks in this area according to specific requirements and production needs. A basic overview of bond properties, adhesive selection and surface treatment methods all contribute to this. The course is designed for workers who make bonded joints in production.

Target group:

The course is intended for personnel who carry out adhesive bonding in production, repairs, renovations, etc.

Input document:

European Adhesive Bonder diploma in accordance with EWF directive from the Czech Welding Society ANB.

Course location:

SVV Praha, s.r.o., Centrum Lepení Brno, Technická 936, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic

Course duration:

The course takes one week.

The course is concluded with a practical, written and oral exam.


For the price and next term of course contact please Mrs. Lucie Fricova:

The price includes:

Costs connected with the course and exam

Studying materials and documents

All consumables needed for practical trainings


Content of the course:

The basics of adhesive bonding

Bonding forces of bonded joints

Types of adhesives and their classification

Surface treatment methods

Bonding workplace and HSE

Adhesives processing, bond testing

Practical exercises in the laboratory

Contact person:

Mrs. Lucie Fričová

Phone: +420 721 991 075