SVV Praha s.r.o., a member of GSI-SLV extended its accreditation services by the bonding process certification according to DIN 6701 and DIN 2304-1.

Compliance with the requirements of DIN 6701 and related regulations is an instrument for providing the controlled bonding process in the production of railway vehicles and their parts.

DIN 6701 certification

Our organisation SVV Praha, s.r.o., member of the GSI-SLV company, extended its certification services by the adhesive process certification according to DIN 6701. We are a member of the group...

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DIN 2304-1 certification

With growing needs for high-quality adhesive bonding, general standard DIN 2304-1 for bond quality assurance was published in March 2016. This standard defines requirements for high-quality construction design, i.e. impact...

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Application for certification and information for applicants

To receive a certification application contact please Head of Certification Body SVV Praha for Bonding   Vitezslav Frank, Ph.D. Phone: +420 702 012 664 E-mail: frank@svv.cz

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Suspended and withdrawn certificates

JANKA ENGINEERING s.r.o., ID: 27912612, certifikace no. CL1-008/1708 C0 –  withdrawn based on a client request on 18.2.2019 Slovácké strojírny, a.s, SUB, a.s. plant 07 MEP Postřelmov, certifikace no. CL1-012/1910...

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Below you can find the accreditation certificate including appendix “List of activities within the flexible scope of accreditation “.

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