DIN 2304-1 certification

With growing needs for high-quality adhesive bonding, general standard DIN 2304-1 for bond quality assurance was published firstly in March 2016. The last revision was issued in 2020. This standard defines requirements for high-quality construction design, i.e. impact on bonds in the adhesive bonding process – from development to manufacturing to repairs.

DIN 2304-1 explains general organisational, contractual, technical and manufacturing principles applying to bonds.

Our organisation SVV Praha s.r.o., member of the GSI-SLV company, extended its certification services and added adhesive process certification according to DIN 2304-1.

Bond quality is selected based on safety classification:

  • S1 high safety requirements
  • S2 medium safety requirements
  • S3 low safety requirements
  • S4 no safety requirements

SVV Praha s.r.o. has right to publish certificates in an online register of companies certified in standard DIN 2304-01 on the web page


If you have any questions about certification according to DIN 2304-1 contact please

Mr. Vitezslav Frank, Ph.D.

Phone.: +420 702 012 664
E-mail: frank@svv.cz