European Adhesive Specialist (EAS)

The development of production technologies and materials enables the use of a wide range of innovative techniques and bonding systems. For this purpose it is necessary to attain a basic knowledge and get an insight into the world of adhesive bonding.

Education objective:

Participants are authorised to create working instructions or train the adhesive bonding staff in their facility. They plan and organise work and bonding processes as qualified supervisors. They are able to respond immediately to any potential deviations in production and find a specific solution for them. The EAS qualification is qualification grade 2 according to DIN 6701.

Target group:

The course is intended for adhesive bonding personnel who carry out production preparations, practical bonding tests, construction, repairs, quality management, etc.


The participants must have a good knowledge of the course language to follow the lessons and pass the final exam.

Input document:

European Adhesive Specialist diploma in accordance with EWF directive from the Czech Welding Society ANB

Course location:

SVV Praha, s.r.o., Adhesive Bonding Centre, Technická 936, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic

Course duration:

The course takes 3 weeks (3 x 5 days – Monday to Friday).


For price offer contact please Mrs. Lucie Fričová:

The price includes:

Costs connected with the course and exam

Studying materials and documents

All consumables needed for practical trainings

Refreshments and lunch

Content of the course:

1st week

The basics of adhesive bonding and polymers, adhesive bonding and classification, adhesive selection, bonding forces of bonded joints

2nd week

Materials to be joined, surface treatment, calculations and construction of adhesive bonded joints, quality control in adhesive bonding, testing techniques and methods

3rd week

Process management, process technology, quality management, HSE, hybrid joints

The course is concluded with a practical, written and oral exam.

Contact person:

Mrs. Lucie Fričová

Phone: +420 721 991 075