The course covers compulsory additional training for those with EAB qualification. The training is compulsory, because businesses certified according to DIN 6701 are obliged to prove the qualification of their employees on a regular basis. This course is one of the options for employers to provide continuous education.


The participants must have a good knowledge of the course language to follow the lessons.

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Course location:

SVV Praha, s.r.o., Adhesive Bonding Centre, Technická 936, 664 48 Moravany, Czech Republic

Course duration:

The course takes 1 day



Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895


The price includes:

Studying materials and documents


Certificate of participation

Content of the course:

The basics of adhesive bonding

Bonding forces of bonded joints

Specifics of surface treatment

Methods of treatment and pre-treatment of material surfaces

Types of adhesives

New trends in adhesive bonding

Methods of adhesive application

Methods of testing bonded joints

The basic bonding documentation

Workplaces for bonding, quality management, HSE

Contact person:

Mrs. Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895