DIN 6701 – adhesive bonding of railway vehicles and DIN 2304-1

The refresh seminar will be organized for the Adhesive Bonding Coordinators of the companies producing railway vehicles and their parts, for the companies who are preparing for the certification or the recertification according to DIN 6701. At the end of the year 2015 has been issued the revision of this standard. The information you will obtain are helpful for the management, leading personnel in manufactory, quality and design department personnel.  This refresh seminar includes the information about the standard DIN 2304-1: Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes. The information’s are applicable for the personnel of companies producing adhesive bonding machinery product, for example automotive, aircraft industry etc.

The seminar informs about new European standard EN for adhesive bonding.

Participation Certificate

The participants will obtain the Participation Certificate. In the process of the certification or recertification according to DIN 6701 this document can be used for the verification of the obligatory refresh training of the Adhesive Bonding Coordinators.

Seminar contect:

European standard EN for adhesive bonding

DIN 6701-1:2004-11 Basic terms, basic rules

DIN 6701-2:2015-12 Qualification of manufacturer of adhesive bonding materials

DIN 6701-3:2015-12 Guideline for construction design

DIN 6701-4:2015-12 Manufacturing controls and quality assurance

DIN 2304-1:2016-03 Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes – Part 1: Adhesive bonding process chain, A-Z Sammlung, revision No. 40, DVS 3310, Quality requirements in sdhesive bonding technology (Comparison of requirements), DVS 3311, Adhesive bonding supervision – Tasks and responsibilities.

Contact person:

Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895

Email: spiegelova@svv.cz