Introduction to polymer composites

People say about composites that they are materials with a great future. Today’s machine engineering seeks to build structures with a low weight by not compromising the mechanical properties. What is used most often are polymer composites – fibre composites with a polymer matrix reinforced with short or continuous fibres. The focus of the webinar are polymer composites, their properties and an insight into composite production technologies. Practical demonstrations in the laboratory are part of the webinar.

The webinar is intended for construction engineers, material and application engineers, development engineers and technicians from different industries where composites are made (mostly the automotive, rail, construction and aviation industry).

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Seminar content:

Defining composites and their composition

History of composites and examples of their application

Classification of composites

Unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins

Glass, carbon and aramid fibres

Fibre finishes

Types of fibre reinforcement

Introduction to composite production technologies

Practical part:

Tensile test EN 1465 of polyester laminate, bonded using MMA on aluminium or steel

Three-point bend of a sandwich panel

Contact person:

Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895