How to prepare the surface for bonding

One of the essential prerequisites for ensuring high quality of bonded joints is the corresponding condition of the surfaces to be bonded and their proper pre-treatment.

The aim of the seminar is to address the properties of different surfaces and their possible modifications to increase their effectiveness.

Theory is supported by practical trying and testing bonds in our laboratories.

Target group:

The seminar is intended for production workers, production managers and for personnel responsible for bonding supervision in production or for production quality. It is also suitable for engineers, technicians, purchase managers and laboratory workers.

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Seminar content:

Why should we prepare the surface for bonding?

Surface properties of different materials (plastics, glass, composites, etc.)

Surface tension

Surface preparation methods (mechanical, chemical, physical)

Practical part in the laboratory

Testing bonds using tensile tests

We prepared for you:

Fe colourful, galvanized

Al colourful, anodized

Glass, PVC, PP, PE

Different composites

Contact person:

Radka Spiegelov√°

Phone: +420 602 595 895