Adhesive bonding of plastics

The seminar is intended for contractors who work with plastics and plastic components in local applications or on industrial scale. It is ideal for those who are responsible for supervising the manufacturing process, for example for designers, senior staff and developers, quality managers, sales representatives, production planners and application engineers.

Users and those who work with plastics have seen the demand for bonding plastics rise sharply. But bonding plastics is not a trivial thing, because plastics have so many different properties. The participants will learn the basics of correct bonding technologies for plastics.

Input document:

Certificate of participation

Seminar content:

Polymers, their creation process and properties

Polymer preparation methods and classification based on structure

Behaviour of polymers under load – viscoelasticity

Basic types of polymers – thermoplastics, reactive plastics, elastomers

Polymer properties and measuring, polymer processing – processing technologies

Polymer degradation and stability – possible causes of the failure of a plastic product

Stabilisers and additives as an integral part of plastics, service life and its predictability

Structural assumptions about polymers in terms of adhesive bonding

Preparing the surface of plastics for adhesive bonding

Plasma, corona, fluoridation – surface treatment methods before adhesive bonding

Contact adhesives, properties and presentations of contact adhesives

Contact person:

Radka Spiegelová

Phone: +420 602 595 895